CPDCS members testify before the Massachusetts State Legislature

On Monday, November 18th, 2019, several members of CPDCS testified before the State Legislature of Massachusetts to demand divestment from nuclear weapons manufacturers and war profiteers.

Joseph Gerson (CPDCS President) speaking before the Massachusetts State House on November 18th, 2019.

Jospeh Gerson (CPDCS President) spoke in support of Nuclear Weapons Divestment bills (H.2202/S.1516). You can read his full testimony here.


Gerald Ross (CPDCS Treasurer) speaking to the Joint Committee on Public Services, Monday, November 18th, 2019.

Gerald Ross (CPDCS Treasurer) and Dr. Elaine Scarry (CPDCS Board Member) also spoke to the  Joint Committee on Public Services on a bill to make it possible for communities in Massachusetts to divest (pension and other funds) from corporations and financial institutions with investments in the manufacture of nuclear weapons and related systems (H.2202/S.1516).

“The process of preventing the use of nuclear weapons begins with preventing their manufacture. Let that process begin here in Massachusetts,” Gerald argued.

For more information, read Gerald’s complete testimony here.




Paul Shannon (CPDCS Secretary) testifying before the Massachusetts State Legislature on Monday, November 18th.

Paul Shannon (CPDCS Secretary) gave testimony that would permit divestment from Raytheon (one of the biggest companies based in Massachusetts and 4th biggest U.S. arms manufacturer) if it doesn’t cease providing weapons to Saudi Arabia for its war in Yemen (H.2349). Read his testimony here.

Finally, Amalia Hochman (teen climate activist and CPDCS ally) gave testimony on a bill to allow divestment from fossil fuel companies. Read her moving testimony here.

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