Israel & Palestine: Stop the Carnage! Cease Demolitions and Evictions.
Statement of CPDCS Board May 15, 2021

The world is confronting yet another round of death and destruction in the Middle East with the ever-present danger of regional Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalating into wider conflagration.

Ending the carnage is a moral urgency underscored by images of dead, wounded and traumatized children. The fighting must stop – now.

In seeking that goal, the role of the United States government is crucial, given its political influence in the region and as the prime supplier of weapons. United States citizens must demand that our government immediately call for a cease-fire, for a moratorium on evictions of Palestinians from their homes, and for suspension of aid to Israel aimed at ending the fighting.

We urge that the White House be flooded with such demands. Members of Congress should be called upon to raise their voices for a cessation of the fighting. Every moment that the bloodshed goes on constitutes an incalculable danger of wider war and an impermissible violation of human rights. We must all act now to end the catastrophic death and destruction

  1. End the carnage in Palestine and Israel. Ceasefire now!


  1. Immediately send the strongest possible diplomatic message to Israel to desist from its plans

to demolish Palestinian homes in Al-Bustan and evict Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah; 


  1. Publicly reiterate that U.S. policy opposes Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem and that East Jerusalem is Occupied Territory under international law.


  1. Undertake an expeditious review of previous Congressional requests that the State Department investigate whether Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes with U.S. weapons violates the Arms Export Control Act (AECA); 


  1. If Israel proceeds with its plans to demolish Palestinian homes in Al-Bustan and evict Palestinian residents from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, then the U.S. Embassy to Israel should send observers to document Israel’s forced displacement of Palestinians, including details on the military units involved in these operations and the usage of any U.S. weapons for purposes of oversight and accountability regarding Leahy Law and AECA violations

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