Yayoi Tsuchida

JUNE 12 WEBINAR: Voices of the International Peace Movement - Building Toward IPB’s (Re)think Our Future -World Conference

June 12 Webinar 4 p.m. EDT

Register at:  http://bit.ly/voicesjune12

From nuclear weapons abolitionists in Japan, to Belgians working reduce military spending to meet urgent human needs and stanch climate change, Iranian Americans working to build a just society and prevent conflict between the U.S. and Iran., and Spaniards building an integrated justice and peace movement, we have allies and partners around the world.

 They and thousands of others will be gathering in Barcelona and online this October. In preparation for this World Conference, join us in conversation on June 12 where you can meet, learn from, and build partnerships with them in our Voices of the International Peace Movement.

Marc Batac of initiatives for International Dialogue                                                                 

Reiner Braun – Executive Director, International Peace Bureau, Berlin

Chloe Meulwaeter – Centre Delas, Barcelona

Assal Rad – Senior Research Fellow, National Iranian American Council

Quique Sanchez – International Peace Bureau, Barcelona

Alicia Sanders-Zakere – International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Geneva

Yayoi Tsuchida – Japan Council against A- & H- Bombs, Tokyo

Tom Unterrainer – Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation London

To register, http://bit.ly/voicesjune12

Organized by the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, Peace Action of New York State, and the International Peace Bureau


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