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U.S., China & Taiwan: The World's More Dangerous Flashpoint?

A panel discussion with:
Professor Zhiqun: Zhu Zhiqun Zhu is Professor of Political Science and International Relations and Chair of Department of International Relations at Bucknell University.
Brian Chee-Shing-Hioe: Brian Chee-Shing Hioe – Founding Editor of New Bloom and a freelance writer living in Taiwan with a focus on social movements and politics.
Professor Michael Klare: Michael T. Klare, The Nation’s defense correspondent & senior visiting fellow at the Arms Control Association in Washington, D.C.
Professor Avi Chomsky (moderator): Professor of History at Salem State University and steering committee member of the Committee for a Sane U.S.-China Policy
As tensions between the U.S. and China have ratcheted up, Taiwan has emerged as a major flashpoint in world affairs. In a May 1 cover story, The Economist magazine called Taiwan “the Most dangerous place on Earth.” China has threatened to invade Taiwan if it declares independence, while American officials have suggested that such a move could trigger U.S. military intervention – igniting a three-way conflict that could easily escalate into a nuclear conflagration. Caught in the middle of all this are the people of Taiwan themselves, who prize their democratic system but fear being drawn into a superpower conflict. This panel will examine the roots of the Taiwan dilemma, the risks of a U.S.-China war over Taiwan, and alternatives to conflict.

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