Webinar | What Should U.S. Policy Towards Taiwan Be?

What Should U.S. Policy Toward Taiwan Be?

Webinar with Mike Mochizuki and Zhiqun Zhu – March 29, 2023

Challenging Washington’s group think toward China and Taiwan, these exceptional scholar not only laid out the forces leading toward a conflict over Taiwan, but a range of policy options that the U.S. can and should be adopting to reduce tensions, defend Taiwan’s democratic system, and over time patiently negotiate reunification in ways that provide greater guarantees than “one country two systems” for a just and peaceful resolution of the Taiwan crisis and the legacies of China’s unfinished civil war.

Organized by the Committee for a Sane U.S.- China Policy, the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, and Massachusetts Peace Action, Chaired by Michael Klare

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