Understanding the New Geopolitical and Military Disorders, Their Nuclear Dimensions and the Forces Driving Them by Arielle Denis

Arielle Denis I shall briefly draft the global picture as I see it in this new situation, and highlight the need to articulate human security and common security maybe create a new concept related human security or interlinked common security. I’ll end by showing that fighting nuclear weapons are to me one of our best … Read more

Labor and Peace by Owen Tudor

Owen Tudor I’m pleased and honoured to have been invited to speak today to lend the support of the global Labor movement to the call for a new or maybe a *renewed* approach to peace. The International Trade Union Confederation represents 207 million members in over 150 countries. We have members in the countries that … Read more

Audacious Imagination for Peace: Key to a New Era of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia by Tae-Ho Lee

Audacious Imagination for Peace: Key to a New Era of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia Tae-ho Lee With the April 27 Inter-Korean Summit at the Panmunjeom and the June 12 North Korea-U.S. Summit in Singapore, a great shift has begun in the ceasefire and military confrontation state of the Korean Peninsula. This shift is … Read more

Trump’s Withdrawal Triggers Dangerous and Unrestrained Nuclear Arms Race by Joseph Gerson

As you know, the INF Treaty came into force in 1987, bringing the Cold War to an end before the Berlin Wall was breached and the Soviet empire collapsed. The Treaty requires elimination and permanent renunciation of future deployment of all US and Russian nuclear and conventional ground-launched cruise and ballistic missiles with ranges of … Read more

Trump’s Veto Of Bill To End US Involvement In Yemen Undermines Peace Efforts

“Trump’s veto undercuts diplomatic efforts to reach a compromise resolution of Yemen’s civil war,” Gerson said. Gerson added that the veto would also mean that the protracted conflict would continue to negatively affect Yemen’s civilian population. “It means that the killing and destabilization will continue at enormous cost to the people of Yemen who are … Read more

National Reports from the International Peace Bureau

From Short National Reports – IPB, March 23, 2019, Paris As we began the board meeting, we did a quick round of updating reports about politics in each of our countries. You might find some of this interesting, and in many ways consistent with dynamics in U.S., or in some cases more hopeful. SPAIN – … Read more