Trigger Fingers, Nuclear NATO, and Building Back Better

“While the corona virus sweeps through our families and communities, there is another existential threat we should be mobilizing to prevent: nuclear war. This danger was highlighted in early July, by retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, formerly Secretary of Defense Colin Powell’s chief of staff, who remains well connected within the Washington elite, shared disturbing news. During the first years of the Trump tyranny, Secretary of Defense Mattis ordered that no significant military actions be taken without his express approval. He did this to prevent Trump from launching nuclear attacks midst one of his frequent rages. Mattis is no longer the Secretary of Defense. And, we cannot assume that his successor has erected a similar firebreak against nuclear catastrophe.”

In an article published by Pressenza International Press Agency on July 20th, 2020, CPDCS President and Co-founder Joseph Gerson called for a revival of common security diplomacy and popular action to prevent further nuclear escalation and the existential threat of nuclear war.

Read the full article here.

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