Joseph Gerson’s Sept. 17 Boston Globe Letter to the Editor Urging U.S.-China Common Security Diplomacy

Biden and Xi

Dear Editor In his Sept. 10 Ideas piece, “Too often, military defense comes off as offense,” Stephen Kinzer warns that the United States and China are locked in an increasingly dangerous and confrontational arms race, creating a “security dilemma.” It is, as political scientist Graham Allison has warned of a “Thucydides Trap,” the inevitable tensions between rising and declining … Read more

Biden’s Trilateral Camp David Summit Advanced Preparation for War with China


The summit’s much ballyhooed commitment to nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation serves more to manufacture consent for preparations for nuclear war than to reduce nuclear dangers. Meeting in a summit at Camp David on August 18, President Joe Biden, President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea, and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan posed for photos that … Read more

Ukraine, the Deepening Euro-Atlantic Crisis, and Common Security Possibilities

Ukraine Russia conflict

Joseph Gerson’s article UKRAINE, THE DEEPENING EURO-ATLANTIC CRISIS, AND COMMON SECURITY POSSIBILITIES has been highly praised for its description the growing Ukrainian and US/NATO-Russian dangers while pointing Common Security paths to peace and a new Euro-Atlantic security architecture. The Ukraine War is about far more than Ukraine. It’s not simply a criminal Russian war of … Read more

AUKUS Nuclear Submarines: Accelerating the Sleepwalking to War With China

Submarine Naval San Diego

Joseph Gerson, Common DreamsMarch 26, 2023 The March 13 Biden-Albanese-Sunak summit in San Diego to demonstrate alliance solidarity and to sign the multi-billion AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom, US) nuclear submarine deal accelerated the pace of the U.S. and China sleepwalking toward catastrophic war. Nuclear-powered submarines are designed for one purpose: attack. We must recognize the … Read more

Militarized Japan and the Biden-Kishida Summit, Signal Moment in the New Cold War

Asia Pacific - Military boats on the ocean.

The Japanese government recently announced plans to double the size of its military budget, which is already the 8th largest in the world. It also issued three new military doctrines which vastly increase its war fighting commits in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. On the eve of the January 13 summit between President Biden and Prime Minister Kishida Joseph Gerson published this article in Common Dreams to dispel myths about the impacts of Japan’s peace constitution, the history of its military buildup, and the expansion of the U.S.-Japan military alliance.

Oleg Bodrov’s Opening Statement in December 11 webinar Zaporizhzhia: Facing the Dangers of Nuclear Power Plants in War and Peace

Ukraine Nuclear Plant

Good afternoon, Massachusetts, good evening, Europe. Dear organizers and participants of the webinar! Thank you for the invitation to discuss the safety of the Zaporozhye NPP. I am speaking to you from the Russian coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s over 4,000 miles from Boston and 1,000 miles from Zaporozhje NPP. The topic of our … Read more

Sky Shield & the Spiraling U.S.-NATO Arms Race

Ministers supporting Sky Shield

Joseph Gerson’s In Depth News Article Initiated by Germany, NATO is in the process of ratcheting up spiraling nuclear and “conventional” arms races with Russia, with plans to deploy a multi-billion euro “missile shield” It is important for people to know about and begin debating this escalation of the new Cold War. The Biden Administration’s … Read more