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Ukraine, the Deepening Euro-Atlantic Crisis, and Common Security Possibilities

Joseph Gerson’s article UKRAINE, THE DEEPENING EURO-ATLANTIC CRISIS, AND COMMON SECURITY POSSIBILITIES has been highly praised for its description the growing Ukrainian and US/NATO-Russian dangers while pointing Common Security paths to peace and a new Euro-Atlantic security architecture.

The Ukraine War is about far more than Ukraine. It’s not simply a criminal Russian war of aggression, which it is. But as the recent U.S. National Security Strategy informs us, “The post-Cold War era is definitely over, and competition is underway between the major powers to shape what comes next.” The war, its devastations and nuclear threats, and its catastrophic climate fallout are major elements of the collapse of the bi-polar world disorder, the birthing of a new multi-polar order, and the resulting global competition for power and privilege.

The U.S./NATO vs. Russia and U.S. vs. China Cold Wars are classic reincarnations of the Thucydides Trap, the inevitable tensions between rising and declining powers which over history have too often climaxed in catastrophic wars, twice in the 20th century. Such a climax is not inevitable. It can be avoided with pressure from below by our social movements and by Common Security diplomacy, the vision, and elements of which we must play the lead in creating..

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