WEBINAR: Peace Movements’ Perspectives on the AUKUS Military Pact

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The US crafted trilateral security partnership with Australia and UK -AUKUS is an escalation and call to arms in the Indo Pacific directly confrontational in targeting China, reshaping the increasingly dangerous global disorder. This military pact (i) Further exacerbates the Indo-Pacific as a major theatre of US militarism and sets the goal for the nuclearization of the high seas. (ii) It threatens the international nonproliferation regime and encourages many countries to enhance nuclear capabilities. (iii) Center’s Australia in US plans in potential warfare with China. (iv) Takes a step of making Australia a nuclear country. (v) Destabilizes the countries of Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Indian Ocean Island countries who will be forced to choose sides between major powers, undermining their sovereignty and independence. (vi) Extends the existing conflicts into this region. (vii) Will elicit equal and militarist responses from countries identified as targets of such containment policies. (viii) Links with the earlier military alliances like the QUAD partnership of the US, Japan, India, Australia, that are engaged in military exercises in the region. (ix) It increases pressure to create an independent European military superpower, and (x) he military carbon boot print will further endanger climate change.

Representatives of peace movements from the countries directly impacted as well as others internationally will have a conversation on all these issues in this webinar.

Speakers will discuss and strategize on this AUKUS, QUAD partnership and its implications for: 

(i) Peace and security in the Indo Pacific region and beyond. 

(ii) To analyze the implications of militarism and nuclearization in the region. 

(iii) To analyze the objectives and motives of the US and other major powers in these alliances.

(iv) To evaluate the social and ecological costs of such militarization. 

(v) To build a coalition that will track these developments and work with trade unions, and local peace movements to inform civil society and social movements on these issues. 

(vi) What recommendations can peace movements make? 


Asia Europe Peoples Forum, International Peace Bureau, Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, Campaign for Peace Disarmament and Common Security, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament UK, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament & Peace India, Australian Anti Bases Campaign Coalition, Committee for a Sane U.S.~China Policy, Laban ng Masa , US Peace Action

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