Daniel Ellsberg Presente!

Daniel Ellsberg

Words cannot begin to express our sense of loss that comes with the passing of Daniel Ellsberg. From his earliest work to reduce the possibility of calamitous nuclear war, his willingness to face life in prison to end the Vietnam War with the release of the Pentagon Papers, through his steadfast efforts to prevent and … Read more

Noam Chomsky – Opening Remarks for the International Peace Summit for Ukraine

Noam Chomsky

Prior to the June 10 & 11 International Peace Summit in Vienna, Joseph Gerson recorded Noam’s brief and cogent remarks, which opened and framed this conference with participants drawn from 32 countries. Noam was clear that for peace and to prevent escalation, it is essential to win a ceasefire and begin diplomatic negotiations for a … Read more

Transnational dialogue on decommissioning of nuclear power plants: New England (USA) & Northwest Russia

Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

On May 19, with partners in the northeast United States and northwestern Russia, CPDCS hosted an online conference about the ongoing dangers of decommissioning nuclear power plants. Among the lessons of the session are the  ways local and regional communities are being placed in danger, the importance of ending the incestuous relationship between the nuclear … Read more

Ukraine, the Deepening Euro-Atlantic Crisis, and Common Security Possibilities

Ukraine Russia conflict

Joseph Gerson’s article UKRAINE, THE DEEPENING EURO-ATLANTIC CRISIS, AND COMMON SECURITY POSSIBILITIES has been highly praised for its description the growing Ukrainian and US/NATO-Russian dangers while pointing Common Security paths to peace and a new Euro-Atlantic security architecture. The Ukraine War is about far more than Ukraine. It’s not simply a criminal Russian war of … Read more

What Should U.S. Policy Toward Taiwan Be?

Webinar | What Should U.S. Policy Towards Taiwan Be?

Webinar with Mike Mochizuki and Zhiqun Zhu – March 29, 2023 Challenging Washington’s group think toward China and Taiwan, these exceptional scholar not only laid out the forces leading toward a conflict over Taiwan, but a range of policy options that the U.S. can and should be adopting to reduce tensions, defend Taiwan’s democratic system, … Read more

AUKUS Nuclear Submarines: Accelerating the Sleepwalking to War With China

Submarine Naval San Diego

Joseph Gerson, Common DreamsMarch 26, 2023 The March 13 Biden-Albanese-Sunak summit in San Diego to demonstrate alliance solidarity and to sign the multi-billion AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom, US) nuclear submarine deal accelerated the pace of the U.S. and China sleepwalking toward catastrophic war. Nuclear-powered submarines are designed for one purpose: attack. We must recognize the … Read more