Sky Shield & the Spiraling U.S.-NATO Arms Race

Ministers supporting Sky Shield

Joseph Gerson’s In Depth News Article Initiated by Germany, NATO is in the process of ratcheting up spiraling nuclear and “conventional” arms races with Russia, with plans to deploy a multi-billion euro “missile shield” It is important for people to know about and begin debating this escalation of the new Cold War. The Biden Administration’s … Read more

The Ukraine War & the U.S. National Security Strategy

No more war demostration

Amidst the Ukraine War, the Biden Administration published its National Security. Strategy. The Strategy opens with the statement at “The post-Cold War era is definitely over, and competition is under way between the major powers to shape what comes next.” Rather than pursue win-win Common Security approaches, the Strategy calls for an integrated ali government zero-sum … Read more

Press Release : Solidarity with Russian War Opponents and Negotiations to End the Ukraine War

For Immediate Release         November 1, 2022 For more information contact:   Terry Provance (202-258-9562; Joseph Gerson (617-216-0576; MORE THAN 1,000 U.S. WAR OPPONENTS EXPRESS SOLIDARITY WITH RUSSIAN WAR RESISTERS and URGE NEGOTIATIONS Representatives of major U.S. peace organizations announced today that more than 1,000 Americans who opposed the U.S. … Read more

Joseph Gerson’s op-ed on Solidarity with Russian Opponents and the Imperative of Negotiations

On November 1, a statement of solidarity with Russians opposed to the Ukraine War was published. It was signed by more than 1,000 U.S. men and women who had opposed the U.S. invasions of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. At a time when the Ukraine War increasingly resembles the trench warfare of the First World War … Read more

Oleg Bodrov: A Message of Peace and Solidarity from the Russian Coast of the Baltic Sea


New York, July 30, 2022 North-West Russia Peace Movement, Public Council of the Southern Coast of the Gulf of Finland, Sosnovy Bor, St Petersburg, Russia, e-mail: Dear participants of the conference! Thank you to the International Network Peace & Planet for the invitation and the opportunity to talk to you from the shores of … Read more

The European Left, Global NATO, and the Crack in Everything


In his Common Security article, Joseph Gerson has shared important lessons  taken from peace conferences and events across Asia and Europe, about NATO as a global alliance, and his thoughts about how we begin to address the interrelated threats to democracy, of escalating great power confrontations and climate change.