Oleg Bodrov’s Opening Statement in December 11 webinar Zaporizhzhia: Facing the Dangers of Nuclear Power Plants in War and Peace

Ukraine Nuclear Plant

Good afternoon, Massachusetts, good evening, Europe. Dear organizers and participants of the webinar! Thank you for the invitation to discuss the safety of the Zaporozhye NPP. I am speaking to you from the Russian coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s over 4,000 miles from Boston and 1,000 miles from Zaporozhje NPP. The topic of our … Read more

Joseph Gerson’s Speech Honoring Hiroshi Taka on His Award of the Sean MacBride Peace Prize – October 16, 2022

Joseph Gerson speech macbride prize 2022

For a shade under 40 years Joseph Gerson has worked closely with Hiroshi Taka, long the Secretary General of Gensuikyo, the Japan Council against A- & H-Bombs. In his speech during the International Peace Bureau’s MacBride Peace Prize ceremony for Taka, Joseph paid homage to this exceptional, modest deeply  committed and inspiring leader of the … Read more

Former Canadian Disarmament Ambassador Douglas Roche’s Sean MacBride Peace Prize Ceremony Speech – October 16, 2022

Douglas Roche Speech McBride Prize 2022

Former Canadian Disarmament Ambassador Douglas Roche’s speech at the MacBride Peace Prize ceremony for Hiroshi Taka, spoke of the urgency of confronting the specter of nuclear war arising from the Ukraine War, where disarmament initiatives of the past 50 years went wrong, the urgent need to reinforce the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and build on the … Read more

Hiroshi Taka’s IPB MacBride Prize Acceptance Speech – October 16, 2022

Hiroshi Taka speech

Hiroshi Taka, long the General Secretary of Gensuikyo, the Japan Council against A- & H-Bombs was awarded the International Peace Bureau’s Sean MacBride Peace Prize. True to his modest character and profound commitments to nuclear weapons abolition, Taka’s speech reviewed 40 years of some of the world’s most important nuclear disarmament initiatives and the importance … Read more

In the Spirit of Chinngis Khan: Mongolian Independence, and Its Nuclear Weapons
Free Zone

CPDCS’s Joseph Gerson was invited to speak at Blue Banner’s international conference in Mongolia. His article describes the role of Mongolia’s nuclear weapons free-zone to its centuries-long efforts to remain independent of both China and Russia. It also reflects discussions with Vladimir Ivanov, a Russian scholar based in Moscow. We don’t often think in terms … Read more

The Ukraine War and the World’s Dangerous and Changing Geopolitical Landscape

Chess between Russia and Ukraine with USA and China

“The Ukraine War and the World’s Dangerous and Changing Geopolitical Landscape” was written by Joseph Gerson to Mongolia’s Institute for Strategic Studies, in Ulan Bator on June 10, 2022 Mongolian Institute for Strategic Studies Joseph Gerson – June 10, 2022 Thank you for this opportunity to meet with you. I expect that I will learn … Read more