After the Post-Cold War Era: Geo-strategic Dynamics of the Interregnum &: A Vision for Eurasian Common Security Diplomacy

Joseph Gerson

Eurasia Common Security Workshop Berlin, September 23, 2019 I want to thank Cora Fabros, Reiner Braun and other Workshop organizers, for the opportunity to be joining this gathering.  As challenging as these times are, I trust that what I learn from you will prove helpful as with partners in Europe, the U.S., Russia and Asia … Read more

74 years after Hiroshima, are Americans addicted to nuclear weapons?

Hiroshima damage

Jerald Ross Today is Hiroshima Day. Seventy-four years ago, August 6th, the US ushered in the reality ofatomic warfare with the annihilation of that city and 100,000 of its inhabitants. Given the grislyfact ours was the country that dropped the bomb, and the possibility nuclear apocalypse ismore likely today than at any time since,[i] how … Read more

Jerald Ross: A Time of Crisis OR Opportunity?

Anti-Nuke Rally

By Jerald Ross May 29, 2019 Conference organizer and speaker Joseph Gerson, Campaign for Peace, Disarmament & Common Security. It is often stated – incorrectly – that the Chinese character for “crisis” includes the symbols for both “danger” and “opportunity.” While that may not be literally correct, the character does mean “a pivotal moment when … Read more