The Bomb on My Back Webinar: Commemorating & Learning From Courageous Hibakusha

Faces of Hibakusha

At the Greater Manchester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Webinar on August 9, 2020, Joseph Gerson (President and co-founder of CPDCS) delivered a speech titled “The Bomb on My Back Webinar: Commemorating & Learning From Courageous Hibakusha”. In the speech, Gerson talks about two of the most tortured, courageous and inspiring Hibakusha he was privileged to know … Read more

Recording & Speech Text | July 13 Hiroshima-Nagasaki Webinar | Deconstructing Myths, Promoting a Nuclear-Free & Just World

Hiroshima Nagasaki

On July 13, we hosted an excellent webinar “75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings: Deconstructing the Myths and Promoting a Nuclear Weapon-Free and Just World.” Watch the recording here:–Qkh35Q& The webinar featured: Suichi KIDO, General Secretary of the Japan Confederation of A- & H- Bomb Sufferers’s Organizations Gar Alperovita, Author of The Decision to Use … Read more

COVID-19 Interview: Joseph Gerson discusses geopolitical consequences of pandemic

On Sunday, March 29th, Joseph Gerson (President and Co-founder of CPDCS) was interviewed by David Goodman and Marc Stern on Radio with a View (MIT Radio – WMBR – 88.1FM Boston). During the episode, they discuss the geopolitical and structural changes being a accelerated or wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. You can listen to the complete episode … Read more

Walden Bello shares thoughts on China’s strategic folly

Walden Bello, retired Professor at the University of the Philippines and current Adjunct Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York at Binghamton, published this recent piece on China’s wrong approach to its strategic dilemma in the South China Sea. Bello will be featured as a plenary speaker at the 2020 World Conference to … Read more

McPhearson speaks at Rising Up for a Livable Future conference

On Saturday, November 9th, more than 200 peace and social justice activists gathered in Cambridge for the Rising Up for a Livable Future conference, themed around intersectional organizing.   Michael McPhearson of Veterans For Peace, spoke about the historic trajectory between slavery in America’s past and systemic military violence today. You can read his full … Read more

Black Thought

Black Thought

Reece Chenault Black Thought Speech at May 4 Growing Nuclear Danger Conference Thanks so much to AFSC, my fellow panelists, and the organizations that put this together. I also want to see and recognize family that reached out this morning from Portage County, Ohio. I see you and love you and we remember Kent State. … Read more